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For decades, since the advent of the Band-Aid in 1921, there has been little significant advancement in adhesive bandages. Hathman Medical Products, HMP, located in Los Angeles, California, revolutionized the industry by developing and patenting an open-reclosable 'wound accessing' bandage that allows the wearer to VIEW, CLEAN, MEDICATE and RE-DRESS the wound WITHOUT REMOVING THE BANDAGE from the wearer's person.

This innovative new bandage is called the HATHBACK WOUND PROTECTOR after HMP's founder and president, John Hathman, a former aero-space engineer, who with a diverse group of engineers and medical professionals, shares the ownership and management responsibilities. HMP, which was formed in 1994, has been granted a
U.S. patent along with patents pending in 24 countries throughout the world.

Because of the its cost/time saving and patient-friendly benefits, the Hathback is finding favorable acceptance in hospitals, homes and the military - wherever frequent monitoring and bandage changing of wounds or other treatment concern areas are required.

HMP's mission and goal is the creation of a world class corporation to develop, produce, market and distribute innovative reclosable wound accessing technology and other related medical products and supplies that are unexcelled in function, value and performance.

With assistance from the University of California, Irvine (UCI), HMP has devised a strategy to commercialize and exploit its wound accessing technology. After extensive research and development, this unique family of products is now made available to the marketplace.

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