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Until recently the usual care for many different types of wounds has been a bandage of gauze and/or medication applied with adhesive tape. For wounds that require constant attention and many bandage changes this method is time consuming and uncomfortable for the patient during removal. Our new Wound Accessing Technology devices not only save significant labor costs by reduced application time, but also improves patient comfort due to the reduced number of bandage removals. .

This technology is incorporated in our products via a reclosable lid or top that allows a user to view, clean, medicate, and re-dress a wound without removing the products from the patient. They are applied to the skin via a variety of medical grade adhesives, including pressure sensitive and hydrocolloid adhesive. The hydrocolloid adhesive circumscribes the wound site to suppress microbial and bacterial build-up and provide environment protection.

All the wound accessing technology devices are manufactured under the trademark names of "Hathback" and "Reclosable Wound Dressing Protector" and are referred to as "Protectors."

The Protector will permit and facilitate quick application and re-applications, and reduce the time required to dress moderate, acute and chronic wounds, in addition to viewing and treating the wound without removing the device.

Lastly, the Protector is manufactured without a permanently attached gauze and/or ointment, so it can be used with a wide selection of dressings and healing agents of which there are currently over 400 types in the United States alone. HMP products can be purchased with many of the current advances in wound care ointments and wound healing agents. For more information click here.

The family of wound accessing technology devices, called HATHBACK WOUND PROTECTORS, dramatically reduce the removal and re-application problems inherent in treating patients' wounds and have wide appeal in the medical community because they reduce interference with the healing process.

In addition, these devices offer reduced cost and labor saving advantages via decreased application and re-application times resulting in extended wear time. These devices will find use in home health care, hospitals, burn/wound treatment centers, clinics, nursing homes, medical centers (Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement certified) and the military (DoD approved), AND IS PERFECT FOR SMALLPOX INOCULATION AFTERCARE.

Our innovative Protectors are designed to secure and protect a large variety of wound dressings on the wound site. They may be used in conjunction with an appropriate wound dressing for local management of chronic wound sites; pressure, venous, diabetic and arterial ulcers, IV sites, burns and more.


  • Provide containment and protection for over 400 plus types of wound dressings.
  • Circumscribe the wound site with Hydrocolloid adhesive borders that suppress microbial and bacterial build-up and provide protection from the external environment.
  • The reclosable lid/top provides unlimited access to wound sites that require constant attention.
  • Permit wound site cleaning, medication application, visualization and inspection without  Protector removal.
  • Allow fast, easy dressing changes with minimal wound trauma, increasing patient comfort and wear time.
  • Provide labor-cost savings via decreased re-application time and therefore creating extended wear time.
  • Are Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement certified and DoD approvedFor more information click here.

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